We hope to create spaces that have a personality, but that are a flexible backdrop to life. As issues of technology and environment become more dominant, it is essential to create enticing and desirable spaces; otherwise we are not creating sustainable buildings for future generations.

We have a strong interest in good environmental design, and we feel this can be achieved without a compromise in design, and with a view to efficiencies this can also add value to a project. We are also interested in low toxicity construction which is often overlooked in environmental design, but which is increasingly recognised as a key issue particularly in the urban environment.

We are makers: our projects are linked by an interest in the qualities of raw materials, their composition and the spaces they enclose. We often make details and fittings ourselves to enjoy direct experimentation, and we can offer direct manufacture of bespoke joinery using CDM techniques.


We have evolved sophisticated electronic project and practice management systems that allow our relatively small team to efficiently manage complex projects from the small to the large. We share these paperless communication and management systems with contractors and clients to foster a culture of transparent collaborative teamwork.