New Homes for Neighbourhoods Competition - Site 01


New Homes for Neighbourhoods Competition -
Site 01

Two schemes for two different plots were developed by Edgley Design for the RIBA New Homes for Neighbourhoods competition for Brighton & Hove. The aim of the competition was to develop new and innovative design ideas for social rented Council homes on small Council sites across the city of Brighton. Whilst tailoring the proposals to the circumstances of each individual sight, new approaches and typologies should be developed in order to be adaptable to further future sites.

Site 01 is situated at a central and more urban location of Brighton and provides two units for family or shared student housing. A front garden features the main outdoor space of each unit and serves as a buffer, but also allows interaction between the living spaces on ground floor and the public street scene. The more private areas and bedrooms are located on the upper levels and to the rear orientate towards a small courtyard.

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