1 Godson St


1 Godson St

Completed 2016

This building is the only standalone house within the Godson Street Development.  1 Godson Street The house centres around a raw steel staircase that rises up through the house, connecting the kitchen dining area on the ground floor with the living space above, whilst the open treads allow light and views to filter through.

The ground and basement levels are built from concrete forming a pedestal on which the sculptural upper storey floats.

This upper floor is an angular freeform living space with lightweight construction from timber and metal.  The split roof floods the space with north light giving a striking sense of space and volume while a huge speaker window captures afternoon sunlight.  A second window affords views down the street.

For the interior of the house we designed a series of bespoke machine and handcrafted joinery pieces, including the steel staircase, the bespoke kitchen, and the birch plywood and valchromat cabinets in the living room.

MediumJake Edgley