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  • Pear Tree House Chandelier

    Taking the architectural detailing of the project into the interior we went onto site and hand fabricated two chandeliers, constructed from leftover gold aluminium sections from the cladding, hang in the double height void spaces at either end of the glass link.

    NW - Pear Tree House 41
  • Tibits

    Tibits award-winning vegetarian restaurant, located on Heddon Street, employs a ‘pay by the weight’ food concept to encourage self-awareness of consumption and reduce waste. Architecture practice Edgley Design have embraced this spirit by reusing waste products from the restaurant for their installation.
    Empty glass wine bottles, are creatively re-imagined to form something new and beautiful. Reinforcing tibits weight concept, and the idea of cooking using heat to transform ingredients, the glass bottles are melted and then re-cast in the form of cooking weights, each glass cast representing the weight of an average tibits meal. These glass weights are then suspended on a grid of steel cables to create a shimmering array which animates the shop window, enticing people into the restaurant from the street.

  • Fibre Optic Chandelier

    The 3 storey chandelier, throwing light and reflections around the stairwell, was handmade by the architects on site, using 580m of fibre optic cable and slivers of acrylic, as a modern interpretation of a classic cut glass chandelier.

    The most striking feature is the staircase – made with a lasercut steel stringer, the stair is 60mm thick and the stringers are end-supported only, with a gap to the sides that gives the impression of the stairs floating unsupported. The stair is faced top and bottom with walnut, giving an Escher-like illusion of an impossible stair viewed up from below.

    0709 chandelier bottom